Mysterious Mansion


The Price You Pay!

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General Admission        ‘year round’

Adults/Teens  ……… $13.42 plus tax= $15.00

Children  …………….. $8.05 plus tax= $9.00

 Children Under 6 are free

 Special Halloween Shows

‘October weekends only’


Adults/Teens  ……… $15.21 plus tax =$17.00

Children  ……………..$9.84 plus tax =$11.00

 For your safety during your visit we have a few guidelines that we ask you to follow:

  • ~Do not run!~ Please be cautious of your surroundings, there are many stairs and dark areas and we do not want you to injure yourself or someone else.
  • ~No cell phones, lighters, cameras or flashlights~ Anything that creates a light please keep put away at all times. Flashes of light at the wrong moment can be blinding and be a danger to you, your group members and/or our actors.
  • ~Please no photography or videotaping~ We prefer to keep the mansion mysterious, spoilers ruin the fun and surprises for others.
  •  ~Do not touch anyone or anything that you may encounter in the house. They won’t do it to you so please don’t do it to them.  Please don’t pick up any items or touch the props since broken things ruin the show and may be quite costly to you. You may however, feel along the walls and other areas to find the hidden passageways.

We appreciate your patronage and thank you for your consideration! 

Mysterious Mansion, Tourists Attractions, Gatlinburg, TN


  • If I get too scared and exit early can I have a refund?

    If you or your child exits early or refuses to go in because you are too afraid we have done our job well, so no, we do not honor refunds for that reason. Please make sure you want to go in before you pay.

  • What payment types do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and of course cash.

  • Do you sell tickets online?

    Sorry we do not currently offer tickets online. We do plan to at a later date.

  • Do you offer special group rates?

    Yes. For a group of 15-25 people regular admission is $13 each. For a group of 26 people or more admission is $12 each. These prices DO INCLUDE TAX for your convenience. Payment for group rates must be paid in one lump sum for the entire group. These rates are for regular shows only and are not valid for special Halloween presentations. For particularly large groups please contact us in advance to make arrangements so that we may accommodate your needs more efficiently. After payment is made your party will enter in smaller groups of no more than 6-8 people (groups of 6 is best so nobody misses any of the entertainment when entering smaller rooms)

  • What other discounts do you offer?

    We appreciate and support our Military, Police and Firefighters! Please let us know who you are and with proper ID we would like to offer you $2 off admission for you and your family. $1 off coupons are also available in various places. There is also a secret deal somewhere on this website if you can find it! Good luck!

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    Sat~ 11am-11pm
    Sun~ 11am-10pm
    Mon thru Thurs 1pm-9pm

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