Mysterious Mansion


Questions for the Caretaker

Q- How long does it take to go through?
A- It is a self guided tour, you go at your own pace so it depends on you and how long it takes you to find your way out. On an average it usually takes about 15-20 minutes. Please do not run! There are many stairs and dark areas, we do not want you to hurt yourself!

Q- How scary is it?
A- Everyone has different scare tolerances so for many it can be very intense and terrifying while others may not let their imagination get the better of them. If you are very difficult to scare bring someone who isn’t and enjoy the show! Terrified friends can be quite amusing!

Q- Are children allowed?
A- Yes, however, children must be accompanied by an adult. It is not recommended for small children but we leave that decision to the discretion of the parents. Some kids make it through just fine, others don’t make it past the first room. It can be an intense experience for certain audiences and there is some mild gore. Our special Halloween shows on October weekends may be much more intense.

Q- If me or my child get too scared and we exit early can we get a refund?
A- If you exit early or refuse to go in because you are too afraid we have done our job well, so no, we do not honor refunds for that reason. Please make sure you want to go in before you pay. There are several emergency exits located throughout the house that can be used as chicken exits if the show is too intense for you. If you do not enter after you paid, we can however give you a pass to come back later or give to a friend. The passes do not expire.

Q- Do you have restrooms?
A-Yes, they are located around the left side of the building. ~Please do not use our utility closet!

Q- Do you use strobe lights or fog?
A- We do use strobe lights and occasionally use fog machines. If you have Epilepsy or health issues that strobe lights may be a danger to you please use utmost caution. Just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs so that you may enter safely. If you have an allergy to fog fluid ask the cashier if fog is currently in use before entering.

Q- Do you have live actors?
A- yes

Q- Will they touch me?
A- Nothing living will touch you. In return, please do not touch anything living in the house. Keep in mind monsters are people too. If they are physically attacked it is legally considered assault. Vandals will also be prosecuted.

Q- Are you handicap accessible?
A- Unfortunately it’s an old house and there are many levels and stairs. If we were able to rebuild it and make it wheelchair accessible we would certainly do so. We mean this most sincerely.

If you have any other questions you may contact us here.